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water heater installation

It happens one morning, you wake up hop in the shower but there is no hot water. The water heater went out and it is time for a new one. Malcolm Rooter will come and offer you the most appropriate solution for your family. An improperly installed water heater can be deadly, don't take chances get the best Malcolm Rooter is certified and insured we will take good care of you.

There are several types of water heaters. There is a conventional storage water heater. It is the most commonly seen water heater with a storage tank of hot water. Next is tankless water heater which will give you on demand water without the use of a storage tank. It is a slightly more costly option but is significantly more energy efficient. Not to mention the convenience of get your hot water when you need it without worrying that you will run out of hot water. Heat pump water heaters are another energy efficient option for homeowner with electric power water heaters.

With so many people concerned with going green another great option for cutting you carbon foot print is to get a solar power water heater. Using the suns energy to heat your water will save you on your bills and help preserve the environment. Call Malcolm Rooter for all your water heater installation options.

With regular maintenance your storage water heater should last 10-15 and your tankless water heater should last 20+ years. Of course to get full usage of these appliances doing an annual drain and flush is needed. The idea is to flush out any sediment that is accumulating on the bottom. If not the lime scale will build up and solidify over time cutting back the efficiency of the water heater and eventually can cause it to crack and leak.