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tankless water heater installation

Your daughter just got out of the shower, you are running a bit late for work and hop in the shower but minutes into your shower you run out of hot water. With storage water heaters you often just run out of hot water. There isn't enough hot water to run a load of laundry and take a long hot shower. But there is a second option now. You can install a tankless water heater and never have to worry about running out of hot water again. Now you can run a load of dishes and take a bath without issue. At Malcolm Rooters we are certified plumbers specializing in tankless water heater installation.

Tankless water heaters save money on your gas bill taking an average of 30% off your energy bill. That's a savings of about $150 a year. Another benefit of tankless water heaters is the space saving. Storage heaters take up about 16 square feet of space but with a tankless water heater you can put your water heater anywhere even outside. Tankless water heaters also have a long life span an average of 20 years that's twice the average of a storage water heater.

The last reason to make the switch to the energy efficient tankless water heater is to go green. We are trying to limit our carbon footprint and this is a great way to start. You can even get a solar powered tankless water heater to fully take advantage of the energy efficiency.

Tankless water heaters are slightly more complicated to install so always make sure a licensed plumber is handling the installation. Tankless water heaters have a different ventilation system and may need different piping for the gas line. Call Malcolm Rooter and one of our experts will answer all of your questions.