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Malcom Rooter is truly an amazing company to work with. They are punctual, attention oriented, and most importantly trustworthy. Thank you Malcom Rooter for the great job that you've done for us.

Playa del Rey Plumbing Services

Are you tired of rude service technicians that don't bother coming on time, or even calling to say they are running late? Are you sick of repairmen coming into your home with no respect for your space, trampling your nice clean carpet with dirty work shoes and then taking their merry old time to fix your problem? Don't deal with any of that again call the plumbers that understand how to be professional. Call Malcolm Rooters for all your plumbing repair needs in Playa Del Rey and adjacent areas.

We can take of anything from a clogged drain to tankless water heater installation. A common issue we encounter is garbage disposal clogs. Often this is due to user error. Most people don't realize it is important never to pour grease or fat down the drain. Also avoid putting stringy foods like celery in the garbage disposal. Always make sure there is now silverware that fell in the drain before running a garbage disposal. If you are having frequent clogs, you may want to consider installing a heavy duty garbage disposal which is more capable to keep up with your family's needs.

Another frequent issue clogged toilets. Many people installed the first generation of low flow toilets which have a hard time breaking down all the new thick toilet paper. It's best to flush twice with these toilet to help push the toilet paper through and prevent a clog.

Another common issue is hair clogging a shower or sink. A good way to help break down the hair is to pour in some baking soda and vinegar and push it all through with hot or even boiling water. This should greatly reduce the clogs and is a much better solution then buy expensive drain cleaners which are corrosive and could actually end up damaging your pipes.