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main line backup

A mainline backup is a very serious plumbing emergency. If the water starts flowing back into your home it can result in mold and other dangerous bacteria building up in your home. There are a few ways you can tell if you have a mainline clog. One is that several fixtures in your home will back up simultaneously. Another sign is if when using on fixture you notice another one is acting out. So say you start the laundry and suddenly your toilet overflows. Lastly you can check the sewer clean-out assuming you have one if there is any standing water visible than you have a problem.

Mainline stop ups can be caused by a few things. The most common cause is tree roots spreading through the pipe but years of grease and grime can cause a blockage as well. It is the city's responsibility to deal with the repair if it is with in the municipal line otherwise the homeowner is responsible for the repair or replacement.

To clear a sewer liner clog you will need a sewer drain snake however it is best to call a professional to handle this. With a sewer drain snake you could potentially poke a hole through the clog temporarily clearing the clog but not thoroughly clearing the pipe. Certified plumbers will be able to cut the roots out of the pipe if needed. Use a camera to see if the pipe is damaged and repair it. They will also be able to water jet the pipe to clear it completely thus providing with a long term solution to your mainline back up problem.

Of course if you have a septic take mainline back up likely just means you need to get your tank flushed. Either way if you see any sign of your mainline being clogged call a professional immediately to prevent any more serious damage to the pipe or your home.