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los feliz Plumbing Services

You turn the water on in the sink and instead of the clear water you expect , you see rusty brown water. Your mind rushes with all sorts of worse case scenarios. The friendly technician from Malcolm Rooter comes to your Los Feliz home. It's nothing too serious; you just need to replace the anode rod in your water heater. It's a simple repair, finished in an hour or two. Phew, what a relief. In the future regular maintenance can help you avoid episodes like that. Have a professional come to flush out your storage water heater and check the condition of your anode rod. A depleted anode rod will result in a much shorter life span for your water heater and potentially cause your water heater to rupture. It should last 4 to 5 years depending on your water usage and hardness. Soft water will deplete your water heater faster.

Flushing should also be regularly preformed on your mainline as well. Hydro jetting your mainline will clean out any build up and prevent and messy back up. It will also extend the life of your pipe keeping in it good condition for as long as possible. Roots are attracted to the water in the mainline damaging and clogging the pipe. Regularly cutting them back will help stall the need for replace. Our technicians will make sure to get out all the roots not just poking a small hole in the clog resulting in another clog a few months down the line. We will insert a camera in the pipe so we can see exactly where and how big the clog is, thus making sure we completely clear your pipe. We guarantee your pipes will be clog free when our technicians finish. Our goal is the leaving our customers 100% satisfied.