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So your six year old decided to see what would happen to his Iron Man action figure if he tossed it in the garbage disposal. It turns out the action figure doesn't hold up quite as well as the hero himself and neither does your garbage disposal. Tired about worrying about the safety of your kids around the garbage disposal? There is a childproof option available so you can stop worrying about those cute little fingers and get to the important business of cooking dinner stress free. Call Malcolm Rooter for you garbage disposal installations in the Los Angeles area.

Looking for a heavy duty garbage disposal? Or maybe you just need a repair? Malcolm Rooter will have a technician come out to your home and make sure all your plumbing needs are met. Next time you have an emergency clog don't panic. There is no need to scramble desperately trying to find someone in the area to get there quick. Malcolm Rooter is available 24/7 for any plumbing emergencies. Make sure to never pour grease or other fats down the drain to prevent clogs.

Mainlines back up over time, roots and build up need to regularly be flushed and cleaned out to prevent any serious clogs. Mainline backups are considered a biohazard and can potentially be toxic. Keep your family safe and regularly clean out you pipe. Roots are often a culprit in mainline back up and can cause permanent damage to your pipe resulting in costly repairs or even replacements. Don't fall victim to such a disaster. Call Malcolm Rooter for your mainline services. We will cut out and roots and check to see if any serious damage was done. We have cameras that will allow us to see the inside of your pipes to help us determine what repairs are needed.