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Most people have a love hate relationship with their garbage disposal. Sometimes you love and its certainly hard to cook without it but they are one finicky appliance. Even if you follow the guidelines, never putting grease or fats down the drain or any stringy vegetation, you still will often end up with clogs. Having a reliable plumber that you can call up in a jam is essential. Malcolm Rooter is always available in an emergency. Your garbage disposal back up just as you are about to have company? No problem our technician will fix the problem and be out of their in time for you to enjoy your party. Don't let plumbing problems cause needless stress call the best plumbers in La Canada.

Malcolm Rooters is a full services plumber we handle all plumbing repairs, repiping and installations. With all the plumbing option available now make a decision can be confusing but our trained professionals will answer all your questions so you can be sure you get what you need.

Tired of getting over charged by a plumber who can't even explain in layman's terms what they are doing? Tired of having to clean a mess after your service technician leaves? Malcolm Rooter will make sure you have a positive experience. Our technicians know that the number one concern is customer satisfaction.

Some people try do it yourself remedies before calling in the professionals but this can often end up being a costly choice. The same chemicals that are supposed to break up the clog will potentially damage your disposal resulting in needing a replacement and still needing to break up the clog. Never use drain cleaning chemicals in the garbage disposal. Prevent clogs before they start with a solution of baking soda and vinegar. If you are still having trouble call in the pros at Malcolm Rooter.