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Malcom Rooter is truly an amazing company to work with. They are punctual, attention oriented, and most importantly trustworthy. Thank you Malcom Rooter for the great job that you've done for us.

Glendale Plumbing Services

You come home from a week long vacation in Hawaii, happy and relaxed and what do you find but a leaking water heater. Your garage is covered in water and you need help immediately. You need Malcolm Rooter. We will help get rid of the water and repair your water heater. We can also install a new water heater or flush out the mainline. Malcolm Rooter is a full service plumber. We are licensed and certified and ready to serve your needs.

Are you ready to make the switch to a space saving tankless water heater? Or maybe it just a clogged garbage disposal either way Malcolm Rooter is the plumber to call for all your plumbing problems in Glendale. We are on call 24/7 and will offer the best service for the best prices.

Water heater and drain pipes need to be regularly flushed to maintain efficiency Malcolm Rooter offer quality service that will be complete quickly and carefully. Other contractors will come into your home clean up one mess and make another. Our technicians are professionals, when they leave not only will your plumbing be as good as new but your home won't look like it just went through a remodel.

Don't waste time looking for separate plumbers to handle your basic clogs and your mainline backups, Malcolm Rooters handles all plumbing repairs. Our trained professionals will come to your home and evaluate how to best fit your family's needs. Whether you are looking for a need water heater and need to know what type and size would best work for you or are looking to upgrade your bathroom and need more information about plumbing fixture our experts can answer all your questions. We guarantee you will be satisfied or your money back. Malcolm Rooter is the best plumber in the Valley.