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Garbage Disposal Installation

So the garbage disposal isn't working again. It is starting to become a regular occurrence. It is just time to get a new garbage disposal but you want one that is compatible with your plumbing and your household's needs. Malcolm Rooter can help. We can get a certified plumber to your home and find out what you need.

Are you looking for a quite garbage disposal? Or maybe on that is childproof so you never have to worry about your kids hurting themselves with the disposal. Maybe you cook daily and need a heavy duty disposal. Our technician will take all of this into consideration and get you the right fit. Garbage disposal installations can be complicated and if not done correctly result in leaks. Call the professionals and get it done right the first time.

It can take anywhere from 30 to 60 minutes to uninstall an old garbage disposal and another hour to two hours to install an new one depending on your piping. You will need to have a power outlet to install the garbage disposal if you do not have an outlet one will need to be put in.

We encounter a lot of garbage disposal issues here are some fixes to avoid having your disposal break down. For proper maintenance of a garbage disposal always run cold water when in use, never use hot water when running the garbage disposal. Do not pour grease or fat into the garbage disposal. Run ice or small bones through the disposal on a regular basis to clean out the chambers. You can toss citrus peels into the disposal to freshen it up. Avoid tossing in fibrous materials like celery into your disposal unless you have a heavy duty model. Always make sure to remove any silverware before running the garbage disposal. Most importantly if you are doing any work on the disposal make sure you unplug it from the outlet.