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echo park Plumbing Services

Your mainline is backed up again. You have had plumbers come out and break up the clog several times but every time it good for a few months and then backed up again. Some plumbers will just poke a small hole in the clog leaving the major of clog intact. Malcolm Rooter will do a thorough diagnosis of the pipe and make sure that your pipe is completely clear when we finish with the flush.

Of course it is also possible you have a pervasive root problem which repeated reclogs you pipe in which case you will still benefit from a thorough diagnosis, with a clear picture of the problem you can come up with the best long term solution. Rather than wasting time and money on repeatedly calling over a plumber get it done right the first time.

In some cases cleaning out the pipe is not possible and replacement becomes necessary. There are several options and our experts are well versed in all of them. They will be able to answer all your questions so you can decide what works best for your family. The two general options are trenched mainline repair or trenchless. Trenched repair is the less expensive of the two but in this case we would have to dig up a large hole in your front yard from the street to your home. This is a very messy and invasive process many people would rather avoid. The other option is trenchless mainline replacement in which case we would pour a resin into your existing pipe filling it with a stronger brand new pipe that is slightly smaller without making a large invasive hole in your yard. The other way to do trenchless mainline repair is to push a pipe through the existing one. So call Malcolm Rooter for all are mainline repairs and services in Echo Park.