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drain cleaning repairs

That tree you love outside your kitchen window may look harmless enough but the roots can cause some serious damage to you drain lines. It can push, pull and squeeze causing numerous problems but Malcolm Rooter can help. We specialize in drain cleaning and repair. We are equipped for a variety of drain cleaning and repair solutions, from un-stoping small drains to repairing broken drain lines. Water jetting can restore maximum flow and eliminate backflow. We are also equipped with environmentally friendly drain cleaning solutions and cameras for in wall viewing of drain lines without destroying your walls.

In the Los Angeles area we get most of our rain in the months between November and March. Most clogs occur in those months and are completely preventable with routine storm drain maintenance. Malcolm Rooter is available for all storm drain maintenance and repair needs. We guarantee that your drain will stay clear with our comprehensive water jetting solutions.

We have the latest technology so we can offer our customer the most options and the least invasive solutions to all your drain problems. So if you are looking for a company ready to fix any plumbing problem big or small Malcolm Rooter is your guy.

Few things are worse than getting into the hot shower and just as you start to relax you see a pool of water gathering in the bottom because the drain is clogged. Often people with ignore a sluggish drain until the drain is completely clogged. Don't fall into that trap try a simple homemade remedy of some baking soda and hot vinegar followed by some boiling water. The solution will bubble and foam so cover the drain and let it sit for a few hours. A minor clog can be unstopped thus preventing a complete blockage but if you are see a reoccurring clog call a professional and get it fixed as soon as possible.