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Malcom Rooter is truly an amazing company to work with. They are punctual, attention oriented, and most importantly trustworthy. Thank you Malcom Rooter for the great job that you've done for us.

burbank Plumbing Services

We have all had a clogged drain at one point or another, usually at the most inconvenient time possible. Malcolm Rooter is here to help with any clogs in the Burbank area. Shower has a slow draining clog, you know its hair and you have tried a variety of chemicals to clear the clog. Stop wasting time and money, call in the professionals to clear that clog out in nothing flat.

Did your three year old decide to see how much toilet paper they could shove in the toilet bowl? The plunger is not cutting it and its time to call in a professional. We will get your toilet back in working order, so you can focus on your little one instead of the nasty business of clogged toilets.

You took off your wedding ring and put it on the counter and somehow it fell in. Now you need help taking apart the pipes to get your precious ring out in one piece. Malcolm Rooter will be there as fast as possible. We are here for all your plumbing emergencies. Clogs and backed up pipes are stressful enough without adding an ineffective plumber. We get the clog resolved quickly and efficiently without the mess. Our technicians are always respectful of your space and will leave your home the same as when they came in. No dirty footprints or puddles of water to clean up after the plumber leaves. Accidents happen and you need some one local you can count on to help mitigate the damage.

You are in the middle of cooking a nice dinner for your boss and his family, suddenly, you notice the kitchen sink is clogged. Don't panic our trained professionals will clear the clog and get out of your hair with plenty of time for you to enjoy your dinner in peace.