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Don't walk by your water heater ignoring the rumbling again. Call Malcolm Rooter and get your water heater diagnosed and repaired while it still possible. The rumbling is a sign off lime and scale build up causing the water heater to overheat and the water to boil. If the issue isn't promptly addressed it will eventually lead to the complete failure of your water heater, resulting in needing a replacement. So don't put it off another day. Cleaning and flushing your water heater will prolong its life. Malcolm Rooter is the one to call for your water heater repairs and services in the Silverlake area.

Maybe you waited too long, and the rumbling stopped and so did your water heater. Malcolm Rooter can help you find the right replacement. There are so many options for both storage and tankless water heaters.

Replacing the anode rod can slow down the scale and lime build up and extend the life of your water heater. If you are experiencing rust in your water or rotten egg smell replacing the anode rod can also be the solution to your problems. An anode rod should last 4 to 5 years before needing to be replaced. Rust in the water means your anode rod is depleted and needs to be replaced. Rotten egg smell often means there is sulfur build up in your water heater. Replacing your magnesium anode rod with a zinc anode rod can eliminate the problem, call Malcolm Rooter to have a train professional come diagnose the problem to ensure you get a long term solution.

Regularly flushing and cleaning your storage water heater should extend the life of the appliance and eliminate any emergencies. Malcolm Rooter specializes in water heater repairs and services. With our friendly technicians you will never have to worry about your water heater again.