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Culver City Plumbing Services

When you live in Southern California, in the back of your mind is always thought of a major earthquake. Are you prepared? How will you keep your family safe? There are a lot of important steps for earthquake preparedness. Emergency supplies, a family emergency plan and earthquake insurance are usually top of the list of things you need to be prepared for a major earthquake. There is another important step you can take to prepare your home for an earthquake. Installing an earthquake shut-off valve will give you the security of know that your gas will automatically shut off if there is any sizable seismic activity. Protect your family and home call Malcolm Rooter to install an earthquake shut-off valve today.

When you call Malcolm Rooter, you are going to get a qualified professional whose priority it is to resolve any of your plumbing needs. Our trained technicians service Culver City and surrounding areas. We will handle any plumbing repairs from simple clogs to whole home copper repiping. Get the best price and the best service, call Malcolm Rooter.

You want to protect you home from any emergencies, another great preventative measure is to regularly flush out you water mainline and sewer pipes. Roots can and do grow into these outdoor pipes, creating clogs and eventually damaging and destroying these essential pipes. Replacement and repairs are expensive and can be very invasive, but a routine hydro jetting will clear out your pipes and ensure you don't have to worry. The pipes should be flushed out every 18 to 24 months.

In the case of more serious clogs we can install an in line camera to get a clear picture of the location of the clog or damage. With our advanced technology a trenchless repair or replace of your mainline or sewer is possible. Call Malcolm Rooter for more information.